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«Most customer-oriented automobile dealer and most attractive employer»


Atlant-M International Automobile Holding is the largest holding in the CIS (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), which specializes in sales, warranty and post-warranty servicing of automobiles and supply of spare parts.
Companies of Atlant-M Holding are importers and official dealers of leading international manufacturers of automobiles. The brand portfolio of Atlant-M includes: Volkswagen, Skoda, Mazda, Opel, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Land Rover, Nissan, KIA, Renault, and others.

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Social Programs Social Programs

Atlant-M International Automobile Holding is a socially-oriented company, which seeks to make our lives better by assisting those people who need help the most. All social projects of the Holding are geared toward these special groups.

Awards Awards
In the rating of Forbes Magazine, entitled "200 Largest Private Companies in Russia" Atlant-M took 65th place in 2012.
In the rating of Expert Magazine, entitled "400 Largest Companies in Russia", Atlant-M Holding took 198th place.
According to the rating of Finance 500, in 2010 Atlant-M Holding took 309th place. 


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Reef Atlant-M 20 Years Reef Atlant-M 20 Years
On October 7, 2011 Atlant-M set up Twenty Years Artificial Reef in the Koktebel Bay of the Black Sea to celebrate the Company’s twentieth anniversary.


Innovation - the key to success

Innovation - the key to success

In our rapidly-developing modern world, the key to success is innovation application! “Atlant-M” International Automobile Holding uses only the most progressive in its operations, while working on new breakthroughs to remain the leader!