The book about "Atlant-M"

Dear Friends! The book you are holding in your hands has been published for the twentieth anniversary of Atlant-M Holding Company. What’s interesting: the book was preceded by a wall pull-off calendar which was published in 2001 to mark the first serious date in the company's life. Yes, it was similar to calendars that people hang on a wall and tear its sheets off one by one with every passing day. In that pull-off calendar, which is still kept by many employees of Atlant-M, there were quite straight-forward jokes, caricatures, employees’ dates of birth and funny stories «from the company's life».

The book published for the twentieth birthday differs from the pull-off calendar in the same way Atlant-M Holding Company of 2011 differs from itself of a decade ago. However, the book and the calendar have something in common: you will find many stories here told by people who actually took part in the events. The stories are different: you will find them funny, amusing, sad and sometimes even offensive. But they are all interesting. And they are all related to Atlant-M Holding Company, to the people who make it up, who surround it and, who have given the company its present shape. The stories from the first person are told by: the founders, top managers, employees of all levels, partners, friends and even competitors. In other words, you are holding 20 years of a successful company's life, a chronicle of the whole epoch, which is not stated in a matter-of-fact manner but described in vivid colours, with vigorous brushwork of a steady hand. Just read it.

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