There have been several stages in the development of Atlant-M International Automobile Holding.

2012 – Company opens Land Rover dealership in Minsk (Belarus).

Atlant-M Britania

Atlant-M Britania

2011 – Company opens a Renault dealership in Kharkiv (Ukraine) and a Volkswagen dealership in Smolensk (Russia).

Atlant-M Yug


Atlant-M Nikolaeva Volkswagen

2010 – Company opens Volkswagen Sales and Service Dealership in Minsk.

Atlant-M Uruchie

2008 – Company opens Ford and Kia sales and service dealerships in Minsk (Belarus), and a Nissan dealership in Kharkiv (Ukraine).

Atlant-M Borovaya Ford

Atlant-M Borovaya Kia


Atlant-M na Gagarina

2007 – Atlant-M incorporates Volkswagen dealership in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Skoda dealership in Kharkiv (Ukraine), and opens new dealerships in Russia: Ford (Smolensk), Opel and Chevrolet (Orel).

Atlant-M Dneprovskaya Naberejnaya

Atlant-M Alekseevka

Atlant-M Nikolaeva Ford


Atlant-M Auto

2006 – A new official dealer of Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer, Opel, and Saab in Russia (St. Petersburg) becomes a part of Atlant-M International Automobile Holding. 

Atlant-M Lakhta

2005 – Company signs a dealership contract with KIA Motors and PAG to obtain an official dealer status for Jaguars and Land Rovers in the Republic of Belarus.

2004 – Company signs a dealership contract with Skoda Motor in Moscow.

Atlant-M Tushino

2002 – Company opens a sales and service dealership center selling Opels, Saabs, Chevrolets, and Hummers in St. Petersburg (Russia) and dealership center selling Volkswagen in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). Later same year the company signed a dealership contract with Ford Motor Company in the Republic of Belarus.

Atlant-M Baltika

Atlant-M Dnepr

2001 – Company signs a memorandum of understanding with Skoda Auto a.s., a dealership contract with General Motors CIS and GM-Avtovaz in the Russian Federation (City of St. Petersburg). 

2000 – Atlant-M Holding opens in Ukraine the largest Volkswagen dealership in Eastern Europe (Kyiv and Kyiv Region).

Atlant-M Lepse

1999 – Company signs a general import agreement with Volkswagen AG in the Republic of Belarus, acquires controlling interest in Intercar Ukraine (the general importer of Volkswagen AG in Ukraine). During the same year the company signs a direct dealership contract with Mazda Motor Co. in the Republic of Belarus.

1998 – Similar Volkswagen dealership contracts were signed in the Russian Federation.

Atlant-M Bajova

Atlant-M Bajova

1994 – Company signs cooperation contract with Volkswagen AG; one of the agreements is a Volkswagen dealership project in the Republic of Belarus.

Atlant-M na Mashinostroiteley

Atlant-M na Mashinostroiteley

September 10, 1991 – Atlant-M Holding’s foundation date. The company acquires spots on the Russian Automobile Stock Exchange. Initially the product portfolio of Atlant-M included Russian brands (VAZ, MAZ).