Electronic feedback and suggestion books of the Atlant-M Holding (EFB)

This is a computer terminal that gives every person the ability to promptly leave his feedback or suggestions connected with the work of the auto center. This is formation from all of the auto centers is sent to a central database. Every piece of feedback is processed based on an established method, and the customer receives a response.
For the Customer, the EFB is, first of all, an opportunity to express their opinion about the work of the auto center or make suggestions to improve it.
The EFB is an entire system, consisting of:
  • Combining the feedback terminals in the customer zone of every auto center belonging to the holding into a single system;
  • Modules for receiving feedback from customers in every internet site belonging to the Holding;
  • Monitors for the EFB feedback and statistics system in the director’s office of every auto center and for the manager of every corporate center belonging to the Holding.
Thanks to this approach, it is guaranteed that every suggestion by a customer will be considered and the handling of their questions will be monitored at every level of the Holding’s management.
With this competitive advantage, we are able to enter into a dialogue with each of the Holding’s customers, and thereby:
  • Constantly increase quality an ensure that the work of the Holding’s auto centers is oriented towards customers’ needs;
  • Preserve and increase the loyalty of the Holdings’ customer;
  • Constantly evaluate the level of satisfaction of the customer in terms of the quality of service and the products/services offered;
  • Use customers’ wishes to change the Holding’s business processes or strengthen those that increase customer loyalty;
  • Analyze and identify problematic places in the business processes of the auto centers in order to improve them;
  • Make management decisions directed at increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer’s personal office

Individual support for Atlant-M’s customers: is a company service on Atlant-M’s network. In the personal office, one can learn:
  • Details about automobile servicing
  • Bonus account status
  • Recommendations for automobile servicing automobiles and the ability to sign up for a particular service
  • About discounts that might be useful to the Client.
Atlant-M will determine the status of your automobile and the cost of the work that has been. Atlant-M will remind you about the order of the necessary work and how long it will take to complete it.


Automobile Return Panel (ARP)

A new service has been set up for automobile repair clients at Atlant-M centers in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus; an interactive automobile return panel (ARP).
Now when a client leaves his vehicle at any Atlant-M dealership, he can find out if it is ready in real time by checking the dealer’s site.
An interactive automobile return panel (ARP) has been placed on the site of the company’s dealers. By entering the registration number of an automobile that is being serviced in a special field, one can learn the date and hour when the repairs will be finished, and even the name of the mechanic working on the vehicle. The client also now has the opportunity to give feedback to the mechanic working on his vehicle.
If the client has the Atlant-M mobile application, he will receive an automatic message directly on his telephone when the vehicle is ready.


A mobile application form Atlant-M clients

The Atlant-M mobile application was specially created for the clients of every automobile center in Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. This product is available on fall platforms: iOS and Android and windows phone.
The Atlant-M application makes it possible to instantly communication with any of the Holding’s auto centers and ask any question in a special form. You can also request that the auto centers employees call you on your telephone. One very convenient feature is searching for an auto center on a map. If you are visiting a dealer center for the direct time, it can find it through Google maps; the program will find the optimal route itself. For those who are already employing the services of one of the Atlant-M Holding’s enterprises, the developers have included a feedback section. Anyone who so wishes can comment on the service at that auto center or write to the “consumer advocate” directly from a telephone. A complaint written from a mobile telephone will automatically be sent to the desk of the general director of the auto center you are using. The responsible parties are obligated to respond to any question within 3 business days.
With the help of this application, you can:
  • Communicate with us easily via telephone and e-mail;
  • Order a call;
  • Leave feedback or the work of the auto center or make a complaint by using the EFB (electronic feedback book);
  • In the ARP (automobile return panel,) you can follow the state of an automobile that is being service and receive a notification when it is ready;
  • Use the search function to find an auto center on a map. If you are visiting the dealer enterprise for the first time, then you can get there from anywhere on the map, the system will find the best route itself.
  • News about each auto center is always available in the “about us” section.