The Atlant-M Open annual Christmas tennis tournament

25 апреля 2013

This idea came from the General Director of the Holding, Oleg Husaenov, who happens to play tennis himself, and it was born not 8 years ago, but much earlier. The concept is simple: an amateur tournament that professionals can also participate in. The competition was deliberately conceived of a doubles-focused, so that the professional can balance out the amateur and everyone has an equal chance to win. Another important aspect of the idea is inviting officials and representatives of business to come and play as well, helping them to find common ground and mutual understanding.
The first tournament was a unique test of the pen, with just one day of play. The range of prizes consisted of… Black Label whiskey. Now the tournament has permanent partners that contribute solid prizes. The participants don’t pay to get it, Atlant-M covers all of the expenses, including feeding people at the courts, renting them, souvenirs and so forth.
In 2006, the tournament became international. The level of competition is quite high now, and it’s very difficult to win. The winners aren’t just people we want to give prizes to, but real, high-class athletes.
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