HR Policy

Each employee of the Holding, be it a college graduate or an experienced professional, is an educated person who is competent in at least three spheres of business – finances, management and marketing, someone who seeks to grow professionally, wants to win and build his or her career.
Atlant-M HR policy seeks to formulate and support the main values of the company. Our HR policy focuses on selection and smooth initiation of employees, providing for staff motivation, performance appraisal and development, and meeting social policy obligations.
Selection and Initiation
Atlant-M hires the best professionals and seeks to develop their potential effectively. We pay attention to adaptation of each new employee to his or her new job so that he or she could quickly become an effective team member.
We want to make sure that each new employee is effectively initiated to corporate practices in his or her new department and company.
We value and appreciate our staff members’ willingness to work on the effectiveness and quality of their work and take responsibility for their results.
We value the results that help contribute to the cause of Atlant-M Holding. We create systems of financial and non-financial motivation that allow our employees to achieve their goals in new and established enterprises of the Holding.
The strategy of Atlant-M Holding and the employee budgeting system allows each of our employees to plan his or her career five years ahead, and achieve the results he or she wants.
We promote professional development of our staff members.
The company organizes workshops and seminars for our staff. We are also open to hear new training ideas from our employees who want to learn more.
We create staff reserve by allowing our employees to improve their professional qualifications. As our business grows, this creates opportunities for their continued success.
Performance Appraisal
The success of the company is developed to a large degree by the balanced HR policy and the ability to motivate team members to achieve more.
We have created a performance appraisal system for our staff to assess how satisfied they are with their work, how they meet their job requirements and to see if they match the requirements for promotion as new opportunities open up.
Social Policy
One of the most important underlying principles of our work is "caring for your employees means caring for the Holding".
Our social policy events are focused on supporting our employees and protecting their interests, improving their professional results and increasing their loyalty.
Our staff must work in a convenient environment and have all the necessary conditions created for their rest and recreation. These conditions allow our staff to work effectively, earn their living and achieve their life goals.