Sergey Savitsky: "Changes in store for us"

In March, 2014 the top managers of the Holding held a strategy session during which the main strategic directions of the company development for the next 5 years were created. The CEO of "Atlant-M" Sergey Nikolaevich Savitsky agreed to comment on results of the strategy session and to give comments and explanations.

The co-owner of Atlant-M: “By the next crisis, we will already have money set aside to buy our more careless competitors”
The Belorussian Atlant-M began its automobile business in the early 1990s, by buying four Zhiguli cars and reselling them in Minsk. Today the company includes 35 automobile enterprises in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. In 2011, the Holding sounds about 38,500 automobiles, and its turnover reached 1.5 billion dollars. It is the largest organization in the CIS specializing in selling and servicing cars. One of its founders, Sergei Savitsky told about how the largest automobile holding in the post-Soviet world was created.
Let me tell you a story...
Oleg Khusaenov, founder of Russian automobile holding company Atlant-M, explains why being in the right place at the right time had nothing to do with chance.