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апрель 2016

декабрь 2015

Atlant-M won “HR-brand of Belarus 2015 Award”
Awarding ceremony “HR-brand of Belarus 2015 Award” was held in Minsk on December 9. This year “Atlant-M” won nomination “Peace” with the project “Deficiency in excess”.
 10 декабря 2015

ноябрь 2015

Mobile application “Atlant-M” for Android in TOP-50
Mobile application “Atlant-M” for Android platform was included into TOP-50 free business applications marketed in Belarus. “Atlant-M” Holding was officially informed by Google Store about it.
 11 ноября 2015

июнь 2015

май 2015

апрель 2015

“Atlant-M” International Automobile Holding performance results in 2014
“Atlant-M” Holding has summed up its performance in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine over 2014: the economic situation and national currencies devaluation have led to a decrease of the cars sale and the operating profit fall on all the three markets. But at the same time there was an increase in customer base, number of loyal customers and their satisfaction.
 07 апреля 2015

февраль 2015

The best 2014 Volkswagen dealer
Volkswagen dealers’ performance in Belarus over 2014 was finalized. Atlant-M Sukharevo became the best dealer for a number of criteria.
 09 февраля 2015

январь 2015

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