Press Releases

декабрь 2011

Tenth Atlant-M Christmas Tennis Tournament Completed
On December 16-18, 2011 Minsk welcomed the traditional Atlant-M Christmas Tennis VIP-Tournament, its anniversary tenth edition. A total of 164 athletes competed on two tennis courts. A total of 96 people (48 pairs) were selected to participate in the main round. This tournament remains one of the largest amateur events in Belarus.
 20 декабря 2011
Atlant-M Lakhta: Best Cadillac Dealer in Sales in 2011!
On December 6 in Moscow President of General Motors Russia & CIS James Bovenzi personally delivered Cadillac awards to General Director of Atlant-M Holding in Russia Alexander Alexandrovich Pyrko. Atlant-M Lakhta Automobile Center received these distinguished awards in 2 nominations: Best Cadillac Dealer in Sales in St. Petersburg in 2011, and Best Cadillac Service – All Service Documentation in English.
 10 декабря 2011
Atlant-M – the Most Technological Dealer!
On December 9 in Moscow Holiday Inn Sokolniki hosted the final session of the AutoBoss Club of automobile business CEOs. Atlant-M won the prize as the Most Technological Dealer. The Diploma and a gift were awarded by importers of leading automobile brands. The winners were selected by votes on the AutoBoss website.
 10 декабря 2011

сентябрь 2011

май 2011

Atlant-M Lakhta Becomes Honorary Member of Chairman’s Club of GM Opel
On May 11-15, 2011 in Monte Carlo President of GM Europe Nick Reilly personally presented the Chairman’s Club award to General Director of Atlant-M in the Russian Federation, Alexander Alexandrovich Pyrko. The distinguished award was brought to the International Automobile Holding by an official Opel dealer in St. Petersburg, Atlant-M Lakhta.
 20 мая 2011

март 2011

Atlant-M Holding Results in 2010
On March 18, 2011 Atlant-M Holding organized a press conference in the Press Hall of Atlant-M Bazhova Automobile Center to discuss the company’s results in 2010.
 19 марта 2011

январь 2011

Atlant-M Appoints New Top Management
On January 1, 2011 Sergey Savitsky was appointed General Director of Atlant-M Holding. At present Mr. Savitsky serves as General Director of Atlant-M in Ukraine. Oleg Khusaenov will be appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atlant-M, and will head Zubr Capital Managing Company. Gennady Pristrom was appointed General Director of Atlant-M in Ukraine.
 05 января 2011