Atlant-M Automobile Holding Summarizes 2011 Results in the Republic of Belarus

01 февраля 2012

Atlant-M International Automobile Holding summarized the results of the Company's work in the Republic of Belarus in 2011, and introduced new plans for the coming year.
Main indicators:
  • The total share of the new automobile market achieved by Atlant-M enterprises in Belarus in 2011 amounted to 27.8%;
  • In 2011 Belarusian automobile centers of Atlant-M Holding sold a total of 5,037 new cars;
  • Technical service and body workshop centers completed a total of 246,000 standard hours;
  • Official dealers of Atlant-M sold a total of USD 37.7 mln worth of spare parts and additional equipment.
"Atlant-M has achieved excellent results in 2011. We have shown 63% growth in car sales, and our revenues increased by 71%. Our excellent indicators show the correctness of the chosen strategy for the next several years. We are putting forth considerable efforts to improve the loyalty of our clients, motivate our staff and improve the effectiveness of business processes. These measures have helped us achieve our goals; one such goal is to show 30% of growth per year.

Atlant-M clients report better satisfaction across all regions where Atlant-M is present. Staff motivation, and, more importantly, productiveness, continues to grow, too. For example, we have already exceeded the productiveness figures set for 2012!

In 2011 we have implemented many projects to improve the service quality for our clients. The Unified Loyalty Program, the Call Button, the Unified Call Center in the Republic of Belarus, client web cabinets, hostesses in each automobile center, the unified mobile application with many functions – these are only a few projects that we are going to work on and improve to become the most client-oriented company on the automobile market!

In 2012 we will focus our effort on developing the used car sales direction and the b2b segment. We are also going to improve SAP-based business analysis and KPI effective management practices. A part of our strategy is to accumulate profits in the company so that in difficult times we could purchase automobile dealerships from their owners who found themselves in dire circumstances. One of our major goals is to open a new automobile center in St. Petersburg in 2012, and add several automobile centers on Dmitrovskoe Shosse in Moscow in 2013. An Automobile Town is expected to be opened in Minsk in 2013."
Sergey Savitsky, General Manager of Atlant-M

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