Atlant-M Holding Announces 2011 Results in Kyiv

03 февраля 2012

Atlant-M International Automobile Holding summarized the results of the Company's work in 2011, and introduced new plans for the coming year.
Atlant-M showed better financial and sales figures in 2011, and added Renault to its brand portfolio, represented by Atlant-M South, a new automobile center in Kharkiv.
In Ukraine in 2011 the company earned a total of $169 mln, a 73% increase year on year. Gross revenue grew by 46% and amounted to $23 mln.
In 2011 Atlant-M Holding sold a total of 4,749 cars in Ukraine (including 269 used cars). Sales growth amounted to 102%, which is almost three times as much as the average market figure (the Ukrainian foreign car sales market grew by 39%).
Volkswagen. A total of 3,160 cars of this brand were sold. The share of Atlant-M on Volkswagen market was 54% in Kyiv Region, and 58% in Dnipropetrovsk Region. Atlant-M Dnieper Automobile Center in Dnipropetrovsk took the first place among all regional Volkswagen dealers in Ukraine.
Skoda. A total of 482 cars of this brand were sold. The share of Atlant-M on the market of Skoda in Kharkiv Region is 59%.
Nissan. A total of 448 cars of this brand were sold. The share of Atlant-M on the market of Nissan in Kharkiv Region is 95%.
Renault. The new center was launched in the second quarter of 2011, and by the end of the year captured almost one-third of the Renault market in Kharkiv Region, selling a total of 258 cars.
In 2011 Atlant-M enterprises completed a total of 242,000 standard hours. Service revenues show 15% growth year on year.
Last year Atlant-M focused on developing other client programs. The new developments included a client-oriented strategy, Client Advocate service, hostess service and mobile applications service.
Atlant-M enterprises have introduced QlikView Business Analysis System, and implemented a three-level system of IT support.
On October 7, 2011, as part of the Environmental Support Program, Atlant-M set up the second artificial Twenty Years Reef in the Koktebel Bay of the Black Sea to celebrate the company's anniversary.
Alexey Tereschenko, Director of Strategic Development Section of Atlant-M Company: "Atlant-M has achieved its success in 2011 by improving the effectiveness of business processes inside the company and great results achieved by our importers. In 2012 we plan to grow as fast and we forecast that market conditions will allow us to do that: the Ukrainian automobile market is expected to grow by 35-40%, up to 250,000 foreign cars sold a year."
Gennady Pristrom, General Director of Atlant-M Ukraine: "In 2012 we plan to follow the general strategy of the holding: develop the company's inner potential by increasing staff effectiveness, improving business processes and concentrating on client-oriented practices. Now we are working actively on developing a unified loyalty program for all three markets. We are not planning to build or buy new automobile centers this year; we have been accumulating our profits to expand our presence in Ukraine, given favorable conditions on the market."

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