Atlant-M Automobile Holding Summarizes 2011 Results in Moscow

04 февраля 2012

Speakers included General Director of Atlant-M Holding Sergey Nikolayevich Savitsky, General Director of Atlant-M in Russia Alexander Alexandrovich Pyrko, and Atlant-M Director for Strategic Development Alexey Leonidovich Tereschenko.
"In 2011 the market of new foreign vehicles in Russia has grown by 54% and reached the figure of 1,800,000 vehicles. The Russian-made cars segment sales growth slowed down to just 15%. The trends of 2012 continue being overall quite favorable. New foreign cars are selling a bit slower, but the sales turnover remains fairly high", said Alexey Tereschenko, in his presentation on market analysis. "Market dynamics in 2011-2012 are similar if only slightly higher than in the same period of 2007 and early 2008. In conditions of a stable economy and growing manufacturing capabilities in Russia, new popular foreign brands will show up to 30% of growth in 2012. We expect to sell some 2.4 million cars," he added.
The results of the entire Holding were summarized by Sergey Savitsky. In his presentation he talked in detail about the strategy of the Holding and shared the achievements of the Holding within the framework of the chosen strategy in 2011.
"Atlant-M has achieved excellent results in 2011. We have shown 63% growth in car sales, and our revenues increased by 71%. Our excellent indicators show the correctness of the chosen strategy for the next several years. We are putting forth considerable efforts to improve the loyalty of our clients, motivate our staff and improve the effectiveness of business processes. These measures have helped us achieve our goals; one such goal is to show 30% of growth per year" Mr. Sergey Savitsky said.
Responding to a question from IA Interfax on the policy of profit accumulation in order to acquire competitors' business, Mr. Savitsky said: "The crisis of 2008 showed that financing own engineering departments for construction of automobile centers is financially unpractical. Since crises are cyclic in nature, we would like to save as much as we can so that in difficult times we could purchase automobile dealerships from their owners who found themselves in dire circumstances."
This year Atlant-M sold 23,111 new cars and 2,992 used cars, and the company's net sales in Russia amounted to RUR 27.3 bln (VAT not included). Alexander Pyrko discussed car sales by brand. Excellent sales dynamics have been demonstrated by Atlant-M Lakhta and Atlant-M Bazhova in St. Petersburg and Moscow respectively. It must be noted that the Opel and GM-Dat market share for two Atlant-M automobile centers in St. Petersburg is 29% and 26.3% respectively.
"We plan to open Atlant-M Devyatkino in 2012. We are currently working on adding a direct access to the automobile center from the Ring Road," Mr. Pyrko said.
The program of the final press conference included a tour of Bunker 42, where the press could watch a rocket launch and participate in an imitation nuclear blast. The official part was followed by a restaurant banquet.

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