“Atlant-M Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya” – leading Volkswagen dealership in Ukraine!

28 февраля 2012

Based on 2011 results, the “Atlant-M Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya” Dealership has emerged as the Volkswagen vehicle-sales leader in Ukraine.
Since 2008, the Atlant-M Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya Dealership has been the sales leader among all Volkswagen dealerships in Ukraine in terms of total Volkswagen vehicles sold, and in 2011 – became the leader in terms of commercial and specialized-vehicle sales as well.
Our Dealership has always adhered to the highest customer-service standards,” notes Deputy Sales Director Timofei Ivanov. “It’s precisely for this reason, coupled with the fact that we always pursue an individual approach to each and every customer, that we’ve managed to ascend to the top of the winner’s podium for the fourth time running. Buy your Volkswagen from a leader! At 16 Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya, we’ll help you make a choice you’ll be happy with each and every day – after all, a car is more than just a mode of transportation.”
Above and beyond the fact that the Atlant-M Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya Dealership stormed first place in terms of total sales volume among Ukrainian Volkswagen dealerships based on 2011 results, the Dealership also received two special awards from “Porsche Ukraine”:
  • Winner in the “Best Sales of Specialized VWN Vehicles Based on 2011 Results” nominating category
  • Winner in the “Best Sales of Commercial VW Vehicles Based on 2011 Results” nominating category.

“Atlant-M Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya”, LLC – official dealer of Volkswagen brand vehicles, Volkswagen 2008-2010 sales leader, Volkswagen passenger-vehicle 2011 sales leader, one of the best-known dealerships on the capital automotive market.

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