Atlant-M Automobile Holding Summarizes 2011 Results in St. Petersburg

13 апреля 2012

On April 12 in St. Petersburg Atlant-M held an annual press conference on the results of 2011. The aggregate turnover of the Holding amounted to USD 1.55 bln (some RUR 45.8 bln). The growth amounted to 55% year on year. A total of 38,458 cars were sold. The increase in sales was 63% year on year. As of the end of 2011 the company employed 4,138 people.
The press conference was held in Parusa Restaurant located on the grounds of the oldest yacht club in St. Petersburg. The speakers at the event included General Director of Atlant-M in Russia Alexander Alexandrovich Pyrko, Director of the Strategic Development Department Alexey Leonidovich Tereschenko and HR Director for the Northwestern Region Nadezhda Bobrova.
"In 2011 the market of new foreign vehicles in Russia has grown by 54% and reached the figure of 1,800,000 vehicles. The Russian-made cars segment sales growth slowed down to just 15%. The trends of 2012 continue being overall quite favorable. The growth of new foreign cars market has slowed down but still remains fairly high. In conditions of a stable economy and growing manufacturing capabilities in Russia, new popular foreign brands will show up to 30% of growth in 2012. We expect to sell some 2.4 million cars," Mr. Alexey Tereschenko said. "In St. Petersburg we see an interesting dynamic: more people are buying more expensive cars here that on average across Russia. Over the past year the increase amounted to 44%, and the leading positions were taken by VW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Opel and Chevrolet," he added.
Results of the entire holding were summarized by Alexander Alexandrovich Pyrko. In his speech he talked in detail about the strategy of the Holding, and summarized the results of 2011. He paid special attention to the company's key policy issue: client orientation, and talked about new projects at automobile centers introduced last year. New projects included customer's web cabinets, hostesses in each automobile center, mobile applications, and more. Mr. Alexander Pyrko also announced the opening of a new automobile center Atlant-M Devyatkino this year. "At present the Holding is working actively on landscaping the territory of the future dealership. In particular, we are currently assessing the necessity of financing direct access route from the Ring Road. We are working on installing our communications system independently; 95% of all communications have been installed already," the General Director of Atlant-M in Russia said.
Excellent sales dynamics have been demonstrated by Atlant-M Lakhta and Atlant-M Bazhova in St. Petersburg and Moscow respectively. It must be noted that the Opel and GM-Dat market share for two Atlant-M automobile centers in St. Petersburg is 29% and 26.3% respectively. Additionally, Atlant-M Lakhta was recognized as best Cadillac dealer in terms of sales in St. Petersburg in 2011.
Talking about best-selling cars of the year, General Director of Atlant-M Lakhta Evgeny Pekarsky named the leaders of the mass segment: Opel Astra и Chevrolet Cruze. The prices for these cars start from RUR 599,999 and RUR 548,000 respectively. Evgeny Viktorovich Pekarsky also mentioned the fact that Atlant-M Lakhta received an exclusive franchise for the new Chevrolet Camaro. The new car will appear in June 2012, but the automobile center is already accepting preliminary orders. The new car will sell at RUR 1,990,000.
General Director of Atlant-M Baltika Dmitry Lazovsky told the press about Opel sales in Atlant-M Baltika: in the first quarter of 2012 Atlant-M Baltika leads the rest of St. Petersburg in sales of this make of car.
All the invited guests enjoyed a unique opportunity to find themselves flying on Space Exploration Day, and see the bird's eye view of the city.

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