Atlant-M International Automobile Holding has revealed the secrets of "a car business haut cuisine"

04 апреля 2014

"Atlant-M" Holding presented the unique format of communication of the management of the company with journalists on April 3, 2014. In the cooking studio "CULINARYON" the top managers of the Holding accounted for the financial results of 2013 in 3 countries, they also told about the potential development in 2014 and cooked the dishes of Italian cuisine. The chef from the Italian brand "Casa Rinaldi" led this class.

The results of work of the company in 3 countries were summed up by Sergey Savitsky, Chief Executive Officer of "Atlant-M" Holding. Alexander Pyrko, Chief Executive Officer of "Atlant-M" in the Russian Federation reported on work analytics in the Russian region. Alexey Tereshchenko, Director of Strategic Development Department of "Atlant-M" reported on the analytics of the market in 2013 in general and gave forecasts for 2014.


The total turnover of "Atlant-M" Holding in 2013 exceeded USD 1 billion and grew by 8,6% in comparison with the last year. In 2013 "Atlant-M" Holding sold 31 969 cars in the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Republic of Belarus.

"Atlant-M" wins first place in Republic of Belarus in the market of new foreign cars, controlling 30% of the market.

Forbes magazine included "Atlant-M" Holding in the annual rating of 200 largest private companies in Russia 2013". "Atlant-M" takes the 288th place in the rating of Expert Magazine, entitled "400 Largest Companies in Russia regarding the volume product realization in 2013. By the results of the annual Russian award "Auto Dealer of the Year" "Atlant-M" was the winner in the category "The most customer- oriented dealer.

According to Chief Executive Officer of "Atlant-M" Holding, Sergey Savitsky, the total turnover in 2013 exceeded 1 billion US dollars and increased by 7,6% in comparison with 2012. In 2013 "Atlant-M" Holding sold 31 969 cars in the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Republic of Belarus. Particularly 12096 cars were sold in Russia, 11 457 in Republic of Belarus and 4 533 in Ukraine. There was also a growth in used car sales. 3883 used cars were sold that is 17% more than last year. The number of standard hours, for the first time ever, made 1 114 000. In 2013 the gross income of product-support service grew by 12%. The active development of electronic technologies helps to provide the most modern web services to our clients. The positiong of "Atlant-M"is “The most customer-oriented dealer and the most attractive employer”.

According to Alexander Pyrko, Chief Executive Officer of Atlant-M in the Russian Federation, 14 463 cars have been sold due to the general decrease by 5,5% in the automobile market in 2013. The Russian region has got the biggest number of standard hours which is 485 179. Despite the decrease in the income of car sales department by 10,9%, the income of product-support service grew by 4,4%, and the total income from used cars, additional equipment and financial service increased by 8,9% in comparison with 2012. Most our brands managed to increase their rates and showed excellent results in the Russian region.

Aleksey Tereshchenko reported on the general analytics of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian market. According to Aleksey, the forecast for 2014 is a decrease in the automobile market of Russia by 7%. Thus the market of Ukraine will fall to 20-30%, and in Belarus the active growth is expected and allegedly will make 2% in 2014. The sales of new cars that are included in "Atlant-M" brand portfolio decreased by 10% while the sales of all other foreign cars in the Russian Federation increased sales by 2%. The sales in Moscow decreased by 6% and by 2%, in St. Petersburg. There was no decrease in other regions. Aleksey Tereshchenko also noted that the constraining factors for market development are low income of the population, no means of a car market support, devaluation of the Russian ruble, economy stagnation, risks of economic sanctions and falling oil prices, traffic jams and restriction on using private vehicles in megalopolises, a glut on the car market, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. At the same time, there are also positive tendencies such as a constantly big park of cars for updating and financial programs of the importers.

The journalists actively joined a discussion with chiefs of the Holding, asking relevant and tricky questions about a state the car market and national economy in general. The most active journalists Marina Beloglyadova (“Kuzov” magazine) and Artur Sarukhanov ("Za Rulem” magazine) won prizes from Atlant-M Holding and "TVS", an Italian cookware brand.

The atmosphere of the culinary class from "Casa Rinaldi" united all the participants of the meeting. With a great interest and pleasure both the speakers and journalists cooked hot appetizer made from Roman artichokes and dried tomatoes with fragrant truffle oil. Alexey Dyma, the Italian cuisine expert led this class. The preparation of the real pasta appealed to all guests. They liked everything in this process: mixing the ingredients for dough, rolling out and cutting. It turned out to be a very cheerful and fascinating activity. The journalists and top managers competed with one another to find out who was the best at cutting vegetables, rolling out dough and rubbing parmeggiano reggiano.

The journalists with pleasure took part in the quiz to find out who knew the ingredients of Italian cuisine the best. The winners got the prizes such as fragrant olive oil and huge cans of olives from "Casa Rinaldi". Nobody noticed how quickly the cooking holiday had passed. At the end every participant received a certificate after finishing the course ""Car Business Haut Cuisine" from "Atlant-M". All the participants got not only an excellent mood but also a lot of prizes, certificates and tasty gifts from "Casa Rinaldi”.

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