In the 1st Quarter of 2014 Consumer Loyalty of "Atlant-M" Reached Record Levels

22 апреля 2014

According to the results of the Net Promoter Score survey (NPS), the number of loyal customers of "Atlant-M" Holding has reached 68%, it is 7% more than it was in the previous period. This index of "Atlant-M" is at the same level as it is of the 10 top businesses in the United States which also measure the NPS index.

The data for analysis is collected during 3 months with the help of computer terminals set up in each dealership of "Atlant-M" Holding .When a customer pays a service charge, for spare parts and accessories, or buys a car by using the terminal, they have the opportunity to scan a bar code on the payment document and to evaluate the level of service on the touch-screen.

In the 1st quarter of 2014 the index of consumer loyalty of the Holding, on the whole, amounted to 68%, which is 7% more than it was in the 4th quarter of 2013. NPS index in the 1st quarter of 2014 was calculated based on 4555 responses of the holding customers.

The highest rate is in Ukraine, it is 76% (2% more compared with last year). Then, Ukraine is followed by Belarus, it has 69% (increased by 8%), while in Russia the index is at the level of 51% (no change). As for the business areas , we can observe the highest index of NPS in Optional Equipment and Spare Parts departments. Each of them has 76%. The departments of Service and Car Sales are evaluated by customers at the level of 64%. In each region where the Holding has its autocenters there I sa customer loyalty leader. In Ukraine it is “Atlant-M Dneprovskaya naberezhnaya” that is in Kiev. Its NPS index is 85.85.

NPS in "Atlant-M" is calculated by using the same techniques that are used in the United States. As for a comparison, the consumer loyalty index of some business areas in general and of individual companies and products in particular is given below:

1. USAA - Insurance = 80%
2. USAA - Banking = 78%
3. Costco = 78%
4. Apple - Laptop = 76%
5. Dillards = 75%
6. Nordstrom = 75%
7. Apple - iphone = 70%
8. Amazon = 69%
9. Southwest Airlines = 66%
10. Apple - ipad = 65%.

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