"Atlant-M" has become the best site on NetCat!

23 июня 2014

"Atlant-M" International Automobile Holding won a first place in the special category "The Best Website” accoding to NetCat within the "Runet Rating" award.

The website www.atlantm.ru of the Holding has an original filling and usability, gives an opportunity to choose both a dealer and a car. In addition it is possible to use reference materials and to learn about life of "Atlant-M" Holding. The website of "Atlant-M" has been developed by Zavarka Team and Borovoy Studio.


"Atlant-M" was also directly involved in the annual award the "Runet Rating", due to the best websites in the category "Car and Motor". It is held among the website developers and owners. The consolidated site of "Atlant-M" Holding www.atlantm.ru was included in the top ten sites of the country in its category.

NetCat CMS is a Content Management System that has been developed since 1999. According to the analysis which was carried out in July, 2012 by 3DNews.ru and CMS Magazine portals, NetCat is the second biggest CMS vendor in Russia.

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