"Atlant-M Bazhova" is the best dealer in Volkswagen Multivan sales to retail clients in 2013

26 июня 2014

The Volkswagen company summed up the results of commercial car sales over the past 2013. Among the official dealers "Atlant-M Bazhova" won first place in sales of minibus Volkswagen Multivan Transporter T5 in Moscow, being much ahead of their largest competitors.

The car center of "Atlant-M Bazhova" is a dealership of International Automobile Holding "Atlant-M". It has existed for more than 10 years. During this time they have gained a lot of experience in sale and service of cars which worthily got various awards.

Over the last year the staff of commercial vehicle sales department of "Atlant-M Bazhova" sold 68 capacious and comfortable Volkswagen Multivan Transporter T5 minibuses. This fact allowed it to win first place. all these factors such as harmonious work of team, high professionalism of everyone, absolute commitment, laborious work led to success and an excellent result which was highly appreciated by the Volkswagen company.


Sergey Yakimovich, director of "Atlant-M Bazhova": "Well done, that's the way to go! I thank for excellent work in 2013 and no doubt that with such professionals, we will be able to repeat this success once again".

Alexey Frolov, head of commercial vehicle sales department: "It is a very significant victory for us, we managed to overtake the monsters of a car business in sales . Many thanks to my team which made a lot of efforts. We all achieved this good result. I am sure we will be able to win this award once again "!


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