Spare Parts Wizards Work in Minsk

25 июля 2014

The traditional competition “The best professional of Atlant-M” took place in the dealership “Atlant-M Borovaya” on the 23 and 24 of June. The managers of spare parts departments of different Holding dealerships competed with one another. After a two day competition the specialists from Minsk dealerships took the first, second and third places.

The 19 participants from the 19 autocenters of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus came to take part in the competition. During the first day of the competition they had to accomplish 6 tasks:

  • Presentation Role game “Customer call”
  • Role game “Personal contact”
  • Practical task “Determine the number”
  • Practical task “What’s this?”

The authoritative jury  was composed of the technical experts and top-managers of “Atlant-M” and headed by Savitsky Sergey, Chief Executive Officer. They estimated each participant in order to select the finalists of the second day. As a result, the 5 managers from Belarus region became finalists. Of course, it became obvious that the best spare parts specialists worked in Minsk. However, it was necessary to decide the three winners and the most competent manager among all the participants.

On the second day, the 24th of June, the finalists were to accomplish 4 tasks:

  • Role game “The meeting with a new client”
  • Practical task “The selection of spare parts for a service station mechanic”
  • Test “Motor vehicle construction”
  • Test “Vintik and Shpoontik” (the names of the cartoon heroes)

As a result, Alexander Strok, an "Atlant-M Suharevo" employee, scored the most points and became the best manager of Spare Parts Department. Andrew Podberesky from Atlant-M Holpy took 2nd place whereas Dmitriy Monenok from Atlant-M Britain took 3rd place.

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