Atlant-M in RA Expert rating

29 октября 2014

Atlant-M International Automobile Holding took 299th place in RA Expert rating entitled “Expert - 400”. Holding’s income amounted to 26 991 milliard roubles in 2013, growth rate – 10,4%. It includes several automobile retail trade companies. This year the management took a decision to submit to RA Expert only Atlant-M data. Undoubtedly, it is respectfully for Atlant-M to be in “Expert-400” rating since it includes all major Russian companies. The rating makes Russian economy be more transparent thus contributing to its activation, partnering, inflow of investments.

“Expert - 400” is the most representative list of the leading Russian companies. Over the years of its existence the rating was recognized both in Russia and abroad and is widely quoting by Russian and foreign mass media.

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