Ministry of Culture named “Atlant-M” Holding “Patron 2014”

21 января 2015

A ceremony of honoring patrons of culture organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus took place in Minsk on January 19.

Ceremoniously, on the National Academic Yanka Kupala Theatre stage, the Minister of Culture of Belarus, Boris Svetlov, awarded Diplomas to the representatives of the state and private companies supporting Belarus art.

“The amount of the sponsor support was almost 50 billion roubles, - mentioned Boris Svetlov at the ceremony. – From the sponsors’ resources there were realized such large-scale cultural projects as Christmas Opera Forum, TEART forum, exhibition “10 centuries of Belarus art”, new exposition in Brest fortress arranged, premiere plays adapted at the Bolshoi theatre, the Yanka Kupala theatre and others”.

“Atlant-M” Holding is awarded the diploma “Culture Patron 2014” for support in the innovative cultural projects carrying. Particularly, in 2014 (as well as previous years) “Atlant-M” was a partner of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre. The Holding supported “Evenings of the Bolshoi Theatre at the Radziwill Castle”, “Christmas Opera forum” and other theatre’s events.

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