Atlant-M CEO’s report got the highest evaluation by the Auto Business Club Managers

25 февраля 2015

122th session of Auto Business Club Managers AutoBoss took place at “Holiday Inn Sokolniki” hotel on February 18. The topic of the meeting was up-to-date for the majority of auto business representatives: “Strategy planning tools during the times of changes for the owners and top-managers”.

Such meetings attract a large number of participants because they first of all give exceptional opportunity not only to gather at one place a large number of prominent automobile companies owners but also to hear their original ideas and opinions on the current market situation.

The speakers of the 122th session were real stars of the automotive market:

  • Tatiana Lukovetskaya – Chief Executive Officer, ROLF Group of Companies
  • Svetlana Makeeva – Marketing Director, AVILON
  • Alexey Ponomaryov – Business Administration Manager, AVTOMIR Group of Companies
  • Sergey Savitskiy – Chief Executive Officer, Atlant-M
  • Sergey Sobolev – Chief Executive Office, Velikan
  • Yaroslavl Philippe Peters - Partner, Strategy and Transformation Leader in Russia, EY
  • Alexey Nazarov – Director, Strategy Group, KPMG

Sergey Savitskiy, CEO at Atlant-M made a report “Strategy planning tools during the times of changes”. Each report was evaluated by the participants on a scale of 1 to 10. After summing-up of the meeting Sergey Savitskiy got the highest 9,36 mark thus having become the best speaker among all the top-managers participating at the 122th session of Auto Business Club Managers AutoBoss.

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