“Atlant-M” International Automobile Holding performance results in 2014

07 апреля 2015

“Atlant-M” Holding has summed up its performance in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine over 2014: the economic situation and national currencies devaluation have led to a decrease of the cars sale and the operating profit fall on all the three markets. But at the same time there was an increase in customer base, number of loyal customers and their satisfaction.

Let’s start with the largest market - Russia. With the new cars sales amounted to 2.34 million in 2014 Russian Federation is among top-10 largest world markets and top-3 in Europe. Though compared to 2013 it fell by 10.3%. This figure might has been higher if it were not for the 4-th quarter when due to a rapid Russian rouble devaluation the citizens of the Customs Union countries made sales jump in almost all Russian Federation dealers.

Ukrainian market drop became much more dramatic: about 100 thousand cars were sold in 2014 that was the worst index over the last 10 years. Compared with 2013 new cars market volume dropped by more than twice.

Belarus market has also set a record but reversely: for the first time in the history new cars market has achieved 50-thousand units threshold having grew by 60% compared with the previous year. Though official dealers in Belarus sold 28.3 thousand, the remaining 21.9 thousand cars were imported by Belarus citizens from Russian Federation.

The most negative economic factor was the national currencies devaluation which took place during 2014 in all three countries where Atlant-M manages business in. It obviously has an impact on the holding performance. As a result, the number of the vehicles sold by the company auto centers in Russian Federation decreased by 24%. In Ukraine this drop was 53%, in Belarus -7%. Total sales decreased by 24% compared with 2013.

Financial results have also showed a negative growth: operating income amounted almost to $770 million dollars down by 24% compared with 2013, gross income amounted to $126 million which is 16% less than last year’s.

A favorable factor for Atlant-M was customer base growth which is now more than 405 thousand clients. It is by 52 thousand more than in 2013. At the same time the number of the active customers, i.e. those who addressed the auto centers during 2014 remained unchanged – 130 thousand, but the loyal ones, those who came for two consecutive years became by 7% more – 70.6 thousand.

Atlant-M renewed positioning, expressed by the words “Most customer-oriented automobile dealer” shows its effectiveness. Along with the increased number of the loyal customers their satisfaction has grown. Sales department performance satisfaction indicator has grown to 10.7 level (from 10.4 according to the intercompany scale), customers’ satisfaction with Atlant-M service in 2014 made 9.4 (compared with 9.5 last year).

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