Autocenter “Atlant-M Bazhova” - the best service dealer in Moscow

27 мая 2015

On May 26 at the ceremony of awarding the winners of the First All-Russian project “Dealer of the Year” the best auto-dealers in sales, service and internet marketing were presented with diplomas.

The analytical agency “Autostat” and the portal “” acted as the organizers. Based on the operation analysis of the dealers a serious competitive selection was carried out by the experts of two companies and on the basis of integral evaluation obtained (in points) the leaders were determined.

While finalizing the organizers of the project tried to take into account even such features as different operational conditions when dealing with premium-brands and mass brands (each segment has its own winners) and a regional difference (leaders in the regions are defined separately).

In “The best service dealer” nomination in the category “Mass segment” the winner was “Atlant-M Bazhova” with its final mark 93.6 points. It was the highest mark in the region “Moscow and Moscow region”.

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