Victories, which are intended to become a legend: our colleagues at the Volkswagen World Championship

01 июня 2015

The Volkswagen World Championship 2014/2015 took place in Germany from 27 to 29 of May.

Belarusian specialists have taken almost the entire podium: the first place in the world standing in the category "spare parts service", the second place in the world standing in the category "service foreman" and the third place in our region in the category "service technician".

This year, the Belarusian team’s line-up was as follows:

  • Anton Zhiromsky, car sales specialist, "Atlant-M Sukharevo" (Minsk)
  • Denis Lyubetsky, service consultant, "Atlant-M in Mashinostroiteley" (Minsk)
  • Kirill Pisarev, service technician, "AVTOtrast" (Mogilev)
  • Sergei Karpovich, spare parts sales specialist, "Atlant-M Uruchye" (Minsk).

Belarus team results make us be proud of the country.

Kirill Pisarev - the first non-capital participant from Belarusian team in the whole history of the World Championships participation since 2007 - won a bronze medal in the category "service technician" in our region VSG (CIS countries, Central Asia and, Near and Middle East, Africa).

Denis Lyubetsky, the prize winner in 2013 in the team event, was the second in the world standing and the first in our region in the category of "service consultant".

Sergei Karpovich, became a prize winner in the team event and won gold in the region (2013), showed an absolute personal result: gold in the world standing and gold in the region, in the category "Spare parts Service ".

“This year our specialists have shown outstanding results, for the first time having won medals in the personal absolute classification, i.e. having become the world’s best specialists dealing with Volkswagen cars", says the project manager of Belarus participation in the Volkswagen World Championship, Head of the Regional Office of the Volkswagen Academy Vladimir Voyteshonok. - "And we do not hide our pride for the colleagues: their result shows that the Volkswagen training system and participation experience in the World Championships pays off. The team’s line-up changes, but continues to win medals. Today we have already won 8 medals in the last four championships. And during the last Championship no other country awarded was mentioned so often as ours."

Volkswagen World Championship (Retail Qualification World Championship) is held every two years among 180 countries and includes several stages. The first stage - the National, i.e competition of the specialists in their own country. The winners of the national stage are sent to the international final in Germany, which involves 70 countries. From 2007 till 2011 the World Championship was held only for service specialist in the categories "service technician" and "auto-service consultant." From 2013 the categories of other dealerships business spheres were added – spare parts service and cars sales.”

The winners are decided both in the regions and in the absolute world standing. Our VSG region includes CIS countries, Central Asia, Near and Middle East, Africa. It is the strongest after EU: only VSG countries usually “take away” medals from the EU region in the absolute world standing. The higher management of the group Volkswagen AG including Dr. Martin Winterkorn takes part in the ceremony of the winners awarding.

We say thank you and congratulate the team of the trainers which was involved in the team preparation works for the Championship as well as:

  • Sergey Borisik, technical trainer, category “service technician”,
  • Pavel Korzun, non-technical trainer, category “spare parts service”,
  • Dmitry Popov, car sales trainer,
  • Alexander Rashkevich, non-technical trainer, category “service consultant”,
  • Vladimir Voyteshonok, project manager of participation in the World Championship, Head of the Regional Office of the Volkswagen Academy.

Volkswagen team in Belarus congratulates all the winners! You are great! We are proud of your achievements!

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