Atlant-M training room opened at Belarusian National Technical University

04 июня 2015

A new “Atlant-M” training room formal opening took place at Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) on June 4, 2015.

“Atlant-M” Holding and the largest Belarusian technical university are tied with long-standing relations. Actually, BNTU is one of the major “sources of manpower” for the Holding, where vast majority of the university graduates finds employment. For example, about 170 BNTU graduates are employed at “Atlant-M” auto centers in Belarus. In addition, 7 of them are directors and top-managers of the Holding.

Of course under such conditions “Atlant-M” does his best to participate in the training process of future specialists as much as possible.

As a result of long-term partnership relations was opening of “Atlant-M” training room at the premises of the laboratory of “Vehicle Technical Maintenance” department of Automotive faculty at BNTU. “Atlant-M” contribution consisted in purchase of building materials for the laboratory renovation, purchase of the equipment for the classroom, transfer of the spare parts, units and components of modern vehicles for student practical training. Besides, “Atlant-M” equipped the classroom with a video projector and supplied with necessary visual aids and informational materials which enable BNTU students to understand and learn configuration and operation of modern vehicles. All in all more than 50 different units, components and spare parts were transferred by “Atlant-M” to fit the class with. Now all the brands from “Atlant-M” in Belarus portfolio are performed in the laboratory: Volkswagen, Ford, Mazda, KIA, Jaguar и Land Rover.

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