Atlant-M won “HR-brand of Belarus 2015 Award”

10 декабря 2015

Awarding ceremony “HR-brand of Belarus 2015 Award” was held in Minsk on December 9. This year “Atlant-M” won nomination “Peace” with the project “Deficiency in excess”.

The project “Deficiency in excess or how to ensure employee loyalty in collaboration with educational establishments” is focused on business collaboration with educational system and cooperation with the executive branch of the government in the regions the company operates. The project is unique in its comprehensive approach. “Atlant-M” acts proactively not only towards students themselves and subject-oriented institutions but also the whole system that influences education of the young people.

“HR-brand of Belarus Award” is held for the second time and it is an excellent opportunity for HR sphere to share the best practices. Last year “Atlant-M” also held the contest and was the third in the nomination “Peace” with the project “Annual July conference on sharing experience”. Holding’s performance in this award shows experts’ acknowledgement of the strong educational basis both within the Holding and effective communication with other educational participants beyond it.

“Atlant-M” victory in the award is first of all the victory of all implementators of the project, active employees, who day by day aim at upgrading business processes. We say thank you for excellent result!

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