“Atlant-M” International Automobile Holding finalized 2015 results

05 апреля 2016

At the end of March 2016 “Atlant-M” Holding finalized previous year results.

In 2015 Atlant-M” Holding faced extremely unfavorable external factors in all operating countries. Great devaluation of national currencies, economic slowdown in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, decline in real household earnings led to negative growth on the automobile markets.

It had an impact on the company’s financial and sales results: net sales of all “Atlant-M” companies made $371 million, half as much compared with 2014. Gross income was reduced by 41% - to $74.4 million. The main reason of the drop was devaluation: Russian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia and Belarusian ruble lost from third to half of their cost.

New cars sales via “Atlant-M” auto centers in 2015 amounted to 10798 units (41% less than last year). The distribution of sales in different countries was as follows:

  • in Russia 4 448 of new cars were sold. Sales rate decline exactly corresponded with the rate of Holding’s brand portfolio in Russia, which was greatly influenced by withdrawal from the market of Chevrolet DAT and Opel; in Ukraine 1 128 of new cars were sold. Company’s sales were declining more slowly than the market. As a result, market share of Holding’s dealers was the highest for the whole operating history.
  • in Ukrainian market, having exceeded 2.2%. The major contribution was made by auto center “Atlant-M Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya”, which again became the best among Volkswagen dealers in cars sales in Ukraine.
  • in Belarus “Atlant-M” still remains the leader of the market. According to Belarus Automobile Association data combined Holding’s share equals to 22.1%. All in all auto centers sold 5 222 of new cars. Volkswagen sales increased by 4% and made 3 792 cars. VW Polo Sedan again became an absolute leader on Belarus market.

Used cars sales reduced by 27% on the whole, but still exceeded 3000 units. The leader in used cars sales was “Atlant-M Tushino” (Moscow).

In 2015 “Atlant-M” companies sold 661 thousand of standard hours of service and 245 thousand of standard hours of body repair. Service sphere turned out to be the most stable in the crisis conditions: sales reduced only by 10 %. Positive dynamics in standard hours was registered in “Atlant-M Britaniya” and “Atlant-M na Nezavisimosti” in Belarus, “Atlant-M na Gagarina” in Ukraine, “Atlant-M na Nikolayeva” and “Atlant-M Lakhta” in Russia.

Standard hours sales of body shops were reducing in Russia and Ukraine while in Belarus increased by 11%. All Holding’s body shops in Belarus pushed up both production and gross income.

In the whole, it can be said that auto business model in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus progressively approaches European’s one: former earnings structure had auto sales as a major part and post-sales service as a minor one, but three or four years ago this ratio became 50/50. At last year end the overall structure of “Atlant-M” gross income had share of auto sales decreased from 34% to 30%, while share of post-sales service exceeded 60%. Share of used cars, specialty-equipment and financial service sales was 9.5%.

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