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март 2014

"Atlant-M Baltika" has become the best dealer of St. Petersburg once again
At the annual dealer conference of General Motors which took place in Moscow, the best regional dealers received the awards from the producer according to the results of their work in 2013. The car center of "Atlant-M Baltika" was recognized as the best dealer of Chevrolet and the best after sales service provider in St. Petersburg. It was also recognized as the best dealer of Opel accessories.
 24 марта 2014
The best executive of "Atlant-M" receives a gold badge
At the beginning of March the traditional meeting of all the directors of Atlant-Holding took place in Minsk. Besides having summed up the work of the company in 2013, the best executive was universally agreed. Sergey Fedorenko, the head of "Atlant-M Borovaya" KIA (Minsk) was declared to be the best one.
 11 марта 2014

февраль 2014

Giant Slalom Cup of Atlant-M in 2014
The third traditional alpine skiing competitions in Kharkov which were organized by "Atlant-M na Gagarina", "Atlant-M Alekseevka","Atlant-M Yug" car centers took place on the 15th of February.
 24 февраля 2014
"Atlant-M" receives "The most customer-oriented dealer" award
On the 4th of February, in Moscow the annual award "Auto Dealer of the Year" was held. It was organized by the publishing house "Auto Business News". International Automobile Holding "Atlant-M" was the winner in the category "The most customer-oriented dealer". The competition was held among a large number of companies, but a competent jury decided on the leader in this area and gave the award to "Atlant-M".
 07 февраля 2014
"Atlan-M Britania" is the most dynamically growing car center of the Holding
At the beginning of February the representative of Jaguar Land Rover in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Frank Vittemann visited Minsk. During the meeting with the Belarusian mass media he summed up the work results of the company in 2013, shared plans on 2014 and noted achievements of the Belarusian dealer of JLR "Atlant-M Britania".
 06 февраля 2014

январь 2014

декабрь 2013

The Christmas "Atlant-M" tournament has come to an end
On 16 December 2013, the final games of the Atlant-M Christmas VIP tennis tournament came off. About 200 amateur tennis players participated in the competitions held last weekend on two courts. 96 people, or 48 pairs, made it through the preliminary rounds to the main stage of the terminal. As usual, this tournament is one of the largest amateur competitions in Belarus.
 18 декабря 2013

октябрь 2013

сентябрь 2013

Training of top managers of “Atlant-M” and “Zubr Capital” in Georgia
Traditionally September is a month of training for top management of the company. On September 12-17, the 13th annual seminar for directors of “Atlant-M” was held. On September 17-19 top management of the portfolio companies “Zubr Capital” took their place. The training was held in Georgia, in “Bazaleti” complex located on the coast of the lake of volcanic origin. The two events were attended by 74 directors of “Atlant-M”, “Zubr Capital”, “MTBank”, “Atlant Telecom”, “Atlant Consult”, “IBT”.
 23 сентября 2013
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