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сентябрь 2013

KIA’s Red Cube is now in Minsk
The new KIA car center “Atlant-M on Independence ave.” will open its doors in Minsk on Friday, September 6.
 06 сентября 2013

август 2013

“Atlant-M” launched online platform for sales of cars with mileage
The regional websites of “Atlant-M” in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia now feature online platform for buying and selling used cars. The new service allows users to choose a car with mileage on the online storage of “Atlant-M”, as well as helps customers to take advantage of our trade-in procedure to exchange the old car or to sell the car via dealership.
 15 августа 2013

июль 2013

Annual conference on experience exchange by “Atlant-M” was held in Minsk
The annual conference was held for the 13th time. Says permanent organizer of this event Sergey A. Shein, director of the Department of training of “Atlant –M”: “For the very first time, 13 years ago, the conference was attended by 46 people. It seemed to be insanely a lot to me. Now we have more than two hundred participants, and we have to strictly regulate the reports, so that everyone gets a chance to speak”.
 26 июля 2013
"Atlant-M": the only mobile application for Windows Mobile on the car market
Automobile Holding “Atlant-M” introduced a new version of mobile application for clients in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. To meet the needs of customers, experts of Holding have developed a second version of the mobile application, with a new interface and advanced functionality. To date, “Atlant-M” is the only dealership on the car market, which has its own application for mobile devices running Windows Mobile.
 04 июля 2013

июнь 2013

“Atlant-M” Holding is forming HR-brand
A year ago “Atlant-M” went through rebranding and changed its positioning, which now reads: “Atlant-M” is the most attractive employer and customer-oriented dealer”. Naturally, the need to form a new image of the company as an employer appeared. On June 3-4, 2013, top managers of the company, together with a team of regional HR managers, line managers from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine gathered for two days in Minsk suburbs to generate the key ideas for HR-brand.
 24 июня 2013

февраль 2013

Expert: Foreign car market could grow by 10 percent in 2013 (Ukraine)
It is likely that the new foreign passenger car market (both imported cars and ones assembled in Ukraine) will grow by some 10 percent in 2013 (a rise of 6 percent was seen in 2012 on 2011, to 191,064), while its pace will first depend on the state of the economy as a whole, the director of the strategic development department at Atlant-M Automobile Holding, Oleksiy Tereschenko, has said.
 12 февраля 2013
Customers of “Atlant-M” got new Personal web-offices
“Atlant-M” Holding has updated its service called “Personal web-office”. The development of the project corresponds to the strategy of holding, aiming for maximum convenience and benefits to customers. Experts of the company have developed a second version of the service, with a new interface and advanced functionality. It is possible to get to the login page via multi-brand site, or via any car center site of “Atlant-M” chain.
 07 февраля 2013
“Atlant-M” Holding is the best employer!
In the summer of 2012 the brand code of “Atlant–M” Holding was amended. The result of work by top executives and key employees of the company is the change and adjustment in line with the strategy of the company of some of the components of the brand code.
 01 февраля 2013

декабрь 2012

The Atlant-M Christmas tournament has come to an end!
On 16 December 2012, the final games of the Atlant-M Christmas VIP tennis tournament. About 200 amateur tennis players participated in the competitions held last weekend on two courts. 96 people, or 48 pairs, made it through the preliminary rounds to the main stage of the terminal. As usual, this tournament is one of the largest amateur competitions in Belarus.
 28 декабря 2012

октябрь 2012

Atlant-M Ranks 65-th in Forbes Rating of Top 100 Non-Public Companies
According to the annual Forbes Rating, Atlant-M achieved a 65th place among Top 100 Non-Public Companies. In the rating of 2012 the Holding rose by 10 points (having taken the 75th place in the 2011 rating). The automobile holding also ranks 165th place in the Expert Magazine rating of 400 largest Russian companies. Over the year the company rose in the rating by 33 points.
 09 октября 2012
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